An Infinite Winter, Vol. III: NEPTUNE

Denver based Anesthesia’s 5th studio release is the 3rd installment of the An Infinite Winter series. Complementing “In Memoriam” and “Time”, Vol. III: Neptune continues to build on “a season without end” through themes of isolation, loneliness, control, faithfulness, hope, inevitability, inertia and rivalry felt in the deepest void in ourselves and reflected in our universe.

releases Feb 5, 2016

Phil Owen: Electric Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Ambience, Programming
James Daly: Piano, Electric Guitar, Ambience, Programming
Mike Hillegas: Bass Guitar
Mike Karlstrum: Drums, Programming
Eli Jorgensen: French Connection

Written by Anesthesia
Engineered by Phil Owen
Mixed by Jeremiah Dalesio
Mastered by Dominick Maita
Produced by Anesthesia

Artwork and Photography by Liz Osban at Liz Osban Photography
Layout design by John S. Miller

Recorded at The Attic
Mixed at The Ranch
Mastered at Airshow Mastering

Special thanks to: 
God • Randy Owen III • Makayla Owen • Kim & Emerson Daly • Laurie & Grayson Dalesio • Jenna, Avery, & Breck Karlstrum • Eli, Amee, & Arya Jorgensen • the Hillegas family • Jeremy Herzer • John S. Miller • Liz Osban • Scott Nelson • TNL • and to all those nuances in life that help to inspire…