An Infinite Winter, Vol. I: In Memoriam

This first installment of the An Infinite Winter EP series is the latest release from the Denver, Colorado group that brought fans and artists the hope and gravitas of Wake Up in 2008 and the depths and inevitability of La Paradinha in 2012. In its entirety, An Infinite Winter is an ambitious attempt to convey a metaphorical and simplistic interpretation of “a season without end” as told through music devoid of lyrics. Vol. 1: In Memoriam takes on a heavy, ethereal, and often times raw and honest personality to communicate both the end and the beginning of transferring the present “into memory”. Anesthesia has delivered a remarkable addition to its catalog for fans and new listeners alike.


released 16 December 2014 

JaDa: Electric Guitar, Keys, Ambience, Programming 
Phil Owen: Electric Guitar, Programming 
Mike Hillegas: Bass Guitar 
Mike Karlstrum: Drums, Programming 

Mixed and Engineered by Jeremiah Dalesio 
Mastered by Dominick Maita 
Produced by Anesthesia 

Artwork and Photography by Liz Osban at Liz Osban Photography 
Layout design by John S. Miller 

Recorded at Acoma and The Homestead 
Mixed at The Ranch 
Mastered at Airshow Mastering 

Special Thanks To: 
God, Kim Daly, Makayla Owen, Laurie Dalesio, Jenna and Avery Karlstrum, the Hillegas family, Jeremy Herzer, Liz Osban, Scott Nelson, TNL, and to all those nuances in life that help to inspire...